Dr. Irv Rubenstein | Dr. Ken R Pence

Dr. Irv Rubenstein

Dr. Irv Rubenstein graduated Vanderbilt-Peabody in 1988 with a PhD in exercise science, having already co-founded STEPS, Inc. two years earlier. Dr. Irv has been an active practitioner and teacher of Tae Kwon Do for nearly thirty-five years. He has employed the same tenacity and work ethic in growing his business that earned him the rank of 6th Dan Black Belt.

Dr. Ken R Pence

Dr. Ken R Pence, PhD is an engineering professor at Vanderbilt University and an active martial artist, a 5th degree blackbelt in Tae Kwon Do. He is a retired captain from the Metro Nashville Police Department where he served 31 years (16 on SWAT) and has taught police and military in the US, and Europe (England, Germany, France, and Northern Ireland) in confrontation management skills. He specializes in weapon recovery and retention and fighting multiple subjects.