Class Commands

The following commands are used at the beginning and ending of class.
Both the Korean word and the corresponding English word is provided.

Korean Name English Name


Instructor Enters / Leaves Class

Cha ryo (ryot) Attention
Sah beom nim gae, Boo Sa beom nim gae,Jo gyo nim gae (Kyung Ret) Bow to instructor (Black Belt)


Beginning / Ending of Class

Cha ryo (ryot) Attention
Gyong lye (lyet) Bow to flag
Mook nyum Meditation (20-40 sec)
Ba ro Return
Sah beom nim gae,
Boo Sa beom nim gae,
Jo gyo nim gae (Kyung Ret)
Bow to instructor (Black Belt)
Joon bee Ready position
Shee oh Rest/Relax (end of class)



Gee ma ja see Pal Butt Gee Horseriding Stance – punch
Doo bon jil lue gee Double punch
See bon jil lue gee Triple punch
Gyo dae Change


Kicking (Cha Gi)

Ap cha gee joon bee Front kick – ready position
Bot oh ol lee gee Straight leg kick
Yeop cha gee joon bee Side kick – ready position
Yeop cha gee Side kick


Basic Movements (Ki Cho Dong Jak)
(Unless otherwise noted, the move is performed in a front stance)

Ha dan bang oh Low block
Joong dan gong gyok Middle punch
Sang dan gong gyok High punch
Sang dan bang oh High block
Joong dan yop mak gee Middle side block (back stance)
Whaeng jin Middle side punch (horse riding stance)
Bak e seo an eu ro mak gee Out to in block
An e seo bak eu ro  mak
In to out block
Ssang soo (jeon gool) Two fist block
Hoo gool ssang soo (mak gee) Two fist block (back stance)
Ha dan soo do mak gee Low knife-hand block (back stance)
Joong dan soo do mak gee Middle knife-hand(back stance)
Yeok jin Opposite (reverse) punch (back stance)
Do rah Turn


Starting and Stopping

Say jak Begin/Start
Yi sang Finish/Stop


Form (Hyong) Commands

Ghoo lyong Counting
Ghoo lyong eh ma cho so By the count
Ghoo lyong op sie Without count
Gee cho hyung il boo Basic form #1
Gee cho hyung yi boo Basic form #2
Gee cho hyung sahm boo Basic form #3
Pyong an cho dan Pyung Ahn Form #1